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Consuelo Hamilton's debut novel Lullaby Book I is a story of an untimely love that takes the reader on a spell-binding journey. This book of historical fiction is sure to leave you wanting more!  

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historical fiction

Is Love Ever Enough?
This is the question Nady, a slave in Wilmington, North Carolina, searches to answer. The moment her Master heard her sing, he knew she was special and had her classically trained in French and Italian, making her a slave like none other in her time. She was dark and beautiful, and her talent was unmatched.
From childhood, her only chore was to sing her Master’s son, Mattie Jr., to sleep every night, songs that led to an unexpecting love. But would love ever be enough? This question haunted both Mattie and Nady from their childhood to and through the Civil War, until the question eventually took on a life of its own. It led them down dark paths, tragedies, and lives filled with mysteries, passion, rape, and even murder. Lullaby, a song forever whispered into the night.

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